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Diploma in ICT

After successiful complition of this course you'll have the ability to venture into various IT fields like programming & web development, networking & Cyber security(white-Hat-Hacking), Database management and many more.

Certificate in ICT

After this you will be in a better position to be an excellent technician and can proceed to Diploma.

Accounting Packages

With this packages you will have have an upper hand of undestanding on how to solve accounting problems digitaly with less paper-work.

Computer Packages

This will help you have a basic understanding of various computer application packages and be computer literate.

Video Editing

This is a skill that will help you work on various multimedia and create creative animations and graphic works.

Graphic Design

If you want to be profficient in various designes like logos, posters, banners etc, then this is where you belong. You will be working with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel draw etc.

Web Design

Afer successiful complition of this course you be able to count yourself as one the web developers. You can either deside to be front end or backend developer or full stack developer.


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